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Crazy Vegas Casino

Crazy Vegas Casino

If you can’t get to a real, live casino any time soon, Crazy Vegas isn’t a bad choice for online gaming from the comfort of your laptop. One thing we like about this site is the straightforward interface. Load up the website, and you’re looking at a link to download the app, as well as information on bonuses and VIP programs. No hunting and pecking to figure out what the site is all about; just load it up and start playing@

The slots here are pretty fun, with many themed after popular video games such as Tomb Raider and the Hitman series. There are other games available, but Crazy Vegas seems most interested in delivering fun slot machine action.

Here’s how Crazy Vegas matches up against other casino sites:

• Bonus Offers and Free Play

Sign up and you immediately get a $500 (or £500 or €500) bonus to start playing for your first deposit. This is well-appreciated given that the site is loaded with a ton of games with a wide range of themes. You might not know where to start, so playing with free money will let you jump right in without fear. If you lose, then hey, it was free money.

• Tournaments

Crazy Vegas tournaments are all about slots and blackjack. Win blackjack tourneys by finishing with the highest amount of credits, and win a share of cash. These tourneys use elimination brackets, with one player being removed from the game until it’s just one guy or gal left standing. Blackjack tourneys take place weekly. The slot tourneys usually focus on a single game with a number of players trying for the high score in order to win the big prize.

• VIP/loyalty

The Crazy Vegas Loyalty Lounge rewards you with points called C-Bucks, which you can spend in the casino or redeem for more credits. A wager of 10 credits wins you one or more C-Bucks, 500 C-Bucks gets you two casino credits, and 1,000 C-Bucks gets you five credits. It’s not the most robust loyalty program in online gaming today, but it is a deeply appreciated reward for doing more gaming here than anywhere else.

Crazy Vegas offers a variety of games, but it’s really all about slots. If you’re more of a poker player, you might want to check out some websites that are more attuned to a poker player’s needs. That said if you just want to cut loose with a few pulls of the one-armed bandit now and then, Crazy Vegas is a great place to do just that.

Overall, Crazy Vegas is a fun but fairly straightforward and simple place to play. If you want a deeply rewarding loyalty program or a ton of options for bonuses and free play, you won’t find that here. But you will find an opportunity to jump right into playing slots and blackjack whenever you have an hour or two to kill at the end of the day.