Casinos And More Casinos!


Casinos and more Casinos!
The Venetian Macao

China may technically be a communist country, but the Chinese have really got luxury living down pat. You don’t even need to walk into the Venetian Macao; you can just walk by the place and you’ll be intoxicated by the smell of money, fine liquor and marble countertops. No exaggeration — the Venetian Macao is a palace!

The casino has 3,000 suites over more than a million square feet of space with 3,400 slot machines and 800 gaming tables, not to mention a 15,000-seat arena for entertainment and sporting events. Look, if you really want to know how lavish this place is, you can take boat rides on the San Luca Canal inside the casino. How many casinos offer indoor boat rides?

Gaming here is actually split up into four sections: Golden Fish, Red Dragon, Phoenix, and Imperial House. Walking into any of these areas is dizzying, so if you hit up the Venetian Macao, take your time. Don’t just walk in and take a seat at a table, or you’re liable to blow your whole gaming budget in a couple of hands. Sit down, have a drink, and get your bearings, and only then should you take in a hand of poker or blackjack.

Communication isn’t an issue if you’re a native language speaker. Plenty of the staff speaks English, as well. The Venetian Macao hosts players from all around the world, and the staff is more than equipped to meet your needs.

The suites are spacious with beautiful canopy-draped beds. You’ll feel like a king or queen who’s been whisked away to wheel and deal with Chinese royals. One of my contacts reports loving his room so much that he didn’t want to leave the amazing view, so he took a little time off the casino floor and spent a whole Sunday playing online poker in front of his scenic window.

Essentially, you’ve got a palace of a hotel attached to a real Disney World of a casino. And here’s some great news: The whole place is situated right by the airport. China is amazing. If you ever have the time, check it out. But if you only have a weekend to spend here, you can easily fly in, play for two days straight, take in a show, and fly out.

Final verdict: Casinos like the Venetian Macao are why casinos are rated out of five stars instead of four.