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Online gaming is a lot of fun, but can an online casino like https://www.cancasinos.ca/ it really live up to the experience you get from a live casino? You get gaming from the web, but can you get free drinks? Can you get live music, comedy shows, and the sheer showmanship and presentation of a live casino? When you play online, you don’t get the feel of freshly shampooed carpet under your feet; you don’t get the sound of slot machines filling the air.

A casino is a little like a restaurant — you’re not just paying for a chance to win, you’re also paying for the atmosphere. There’s something about stepping onto the casino floor and being treated like royalty for as long as you feel like playing. If you’re a world-class poker player, know your way around five-card stud; then you’re ready to move beyond taking your work buddies lunch money. The next step is to take it up professionally; if you don’t want to leave your laptop, then you won’t get the feel of green felt under your fingertips.

This is the feeling one gets when playing at a land based casino. Take, for instance,

Buffalo Thunder Casino At The Santa Fe Hilton.

You can’t get a gorgeous view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from your bedroom like you will from a Hilton hotel room. You won’t get six restaurants to choose from or a choice of indoor and outdoor pools. You can play slots online, but you can choose from 1,200 slot machines, with real lever-pulling action, at the Buffalo Thunder.

Your laptop doesn’t boast the 51-story extravagance of the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, with its stone elephants, crystal chandelier, full spas and shopping boutiques. And unless you’re a Fortune 500 CEO, we’re willing to bet that your living room doesn’t let you play a hand of poker right on the beach like you can at the San Juan Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico. The problem: Visiting live casinos isn’t as easy or as affordable as playing online.

You can lose a hundred bucks at a poker table online, and you’re only out your losses. Lose a hundred bucks at a table in Vegas, and you’re out plane fare, too. A casino tour is a great idea for a vacation, but hardly accessible as a daily expense for anyone but the super-wealthy.

Luckily, we’re here to keep you up to date on all the proceedings in the live casino scene to ensure that when you’ve saved up some winnings and feel like playing in person, you won’t get stuck in some lame casino with a cheap hotel room and a stale buffet. Read on, and spend your next casino trip in the lap of luxury.

Progressive Jackpots: What’s the Deal?
The very word ‘jackpot’ manages to evoke a certain kind euphoria amongst people, and not without good reasons. Jackpots signify an unparalleled shower of fortunes. Progressive jackpots are back in the vogue these days as many online casinos keep featuring them prominently on their homepages. For those who aren’t aware what progressive jackpots really are.