Get To Know The Casino Agents

Get To Know The Casino Agents
My business card says that I’m a web developer, but what I’d like it to say is…

• Jake Morton
• Male
• Age: 42
• Hardcore amateur gamer

At Casino Vista, we’ve got operatives all over the world giving us all the relevant data on casinos from Nevada to Macau and everywhere in between, but the site is run solely by yours truly. I get information first hand from players I know personally, and I format it into digestible reviews and news bites for you, the reader. The information comes partly from personal experience but largely from my gaming friends from all over the world, but every word you read on this page was written by me, personally. Please visit casinoinquirer online casino and make cash.

It started out as a way to plan my own vacations. I had been to one too many seedy little casinos that barely qualified as rest stops with TV dinner buffets. I decided to start making contacts, collecting a list of friends from around the world, and asking them about their favorite casinos. Here’s a secret about social interaction: The easiest way to get people talking is to ask them about what they love doing.

Eventually I was getting the dirt on more great casinos than I could ever visit personally, so I decided to share some of this with readers around the world who, like me, are looking for first-hand, unpaid reviews, not just company employees raving about the casinos on review sites. I’m 42, as of the time of this writing. I’m no geezer, but how many casino trips do I have left?

I can’t afford to fly to Australia to spend a week in a roadside motel with a couple of one-armed bandits. Some of the contributors on this site include Frank Caluigari, my next-door neighbor who spends every summer in the Southwest cruising Route 66 for underrated casinos, friends I’ve made at work and on casino floors. The group also consist of guys I’ve lost a few hands to online, like Kou Xiong, an advertising executive who never misses a chance to check out the casinos wherever he travels for work.

To list all of my contributors would take forever, but rest assured that they’re all casino lovers, and I don’t employ their services until I’ve played a few hands with them.