The Foxwoods Resort Casino

The Foxwoods Resort Casino


Name some great places to go for slots and tables. Vegas? Reno? Atlantic City? Route 66? What about Connecticut?

Connecticut may not be the first state that pops into your head when planning a resort casino getaway, but the Foxwoods Resort Casino may help to convince you that Mashantucket is a city to consider the next time you have a couple weeks off of work.


Part of the popularity of Foxwoods has to do with its Mashantucket, Connecticut, location. You might not always have the time to book a stay in Vegas, but it’s easy to find a few hours to stop in Mashantucket if you’re traveling through the Northeast. Foxwoods is also a popular stop for New Yorkers and others in the Northeast whose desire is to take in a few hands of poker without boarding a plane.

OnlinegameA lot of gamers talk about how Las Vegas has become ironically family-friendly, with all-ages attractions such as theme parks, miniature golf and so on. Well, Foxwoods seems to be taking notes. Here you’ll find arcades, movies, and a wide range of restaurants and shopping boutiques. Other attractions include spas, a live theater and even conference areas, if you’re looking for a spot to host a business function.

Of course, you’re probably here to hear about the gaming, right? More than 6,000 slot machines, 380 gaming tables and 340,000 square feet of the resort’s nearly 5 million square feet of space are dedicated to gaming. Now that’s some serious entertainment!

It may seem a little morbid to say this, but Foxwoods is currently struggling to stay in the black, with over $2 billion in debts. You wouldn’t guess that from appearances, but the deals that the resort is currently offering make it clear. If you want to get a great rate on a hotel room, now’s the time to check out Foxwoods. It needs the business, and it’s doing whatever it can to attract it.