Sure-fire Ways to Get Your Casino Bonuses in Your Casino Wallet

Most online casinos offer bonuses to the new registrants as a sort of Hello there! Welcome to our family, gift. Most users don’t know what to do with these bonuses and how to benefit from them. Here’s a little pointer-guide for casino connoisseurs nouveau about which casinos offer the best bonuses and how you can make the most of these bonuses.

sure fire ways to get casino bonus

How to maximize the casino bonuses?

The most basic thing – but the most neglected one – is to activate your account. Signing up is NOT enough. You have to confirm your email address and contact numbers to get your account truly activated. For most of the online casinos, you can’t get your hand on any kind of bonuses without completing this verification. After you get your account verified, the next step would be to add some funds to your accounts to get proportionate bonuses added to your account. This is pretty much a necessary condition at most online casinos. Yet, there are some select few online casinos that let you have bonuses without asking for your card details.

So, to maximize your bonuses, you have to activated your accounts and load some cash onto your casino wallet.

How much shall I receive as bonus?

This really depends on which casino you are dealing with. There are some standards set by the most reputed ones and these are followed unchanged in most establishments. Most popular online casinos like Betfair and Bet365 Casino provide 100% bonuses, meaning that when you load £50 onto your account, you will get another £50 to spend.