Progressive Jackpots: What’s the Deal?

The very word ‘jackpot’ manages to evoke a certain kind euphoria amongst people, and not without good reasons. Jackpots signify an unparalleled shower of fortunes.

Progressive jackpots are back in the vogue these days as many online casinos keep featuring them prominently on their homepages. For those who aren’t aware what progressive jackpots really are, here’s a quick insight into their ways.

Progressive Jackpots in Games

What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are feature jackpots where the prize on any given casino game (slots, in most of the cases) keeps on increasing in tiny increments until the jackpot is won.

Let’s consider a progressive penny slot that has a jackpot prize worth £1,000. Every time someone tries their hand at it unsuccessfully, the jackpot prize goes up by 1 pence.

How can I tell the prize value?

In land-based casinos, there are digital counters indicating the real time value of progressive jackpots. Similarly, in online casinos, the value of a progressive jackpot is indicated by a digital counter.

Since the increments are quite small to make a difference to the original jackpot value, two or more games are often bundled together to create one large progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpots and Fair Play

In land based casinos, it has been often found that many gamblers work in teams to beat the odds and have a right edge over the house. In online casinos, however, such schemes don’t prevail as every individual player is accorded a fair chance at winning the jackpot, since there is no bottleneck to the number of machines available.