How to Play Craps

Craps is a relatively simple game that is quite popular in casinos. If you have never played craps then it may seem a little intimidating for you to walk over to a noisy table with 20 plus players and 3-4 casino staff members. Craps is not as confusing or intimidating if you understand the basics. To start off, you need learn how to make pass line bets or other different types of bets that can help you make money and avoid odds that can make you lose cash.

Understanding craps table layout

craps tableAll crap tables have a double layout with a boxman or supervisor who takes cash from dealers’ and players’ deposits. Opposite him stands the stickman and he pushes the dice to the shooter and calls out the results with every roll and maintains continuous conversation with the players. On either side of the tables are dealers to take bets, pay winners and collect lost bets. Pass line extends around the table and the players laying bets with the shooter lay bets while players betting against stand around the “Don’t Pass” bar. Between the boxman and stickman there is a space for one-roll bets, so you can bet for a specific roll of dice like 8’s 4’s or 7.

How to lay the bets

Before the round of craps begins, you will notice an OFF button on the table which means that no bet has been placed by the shooter as yet. Once the shooter rolls – the process is called the “come out” roll – and if the rolled out numbers total 7 or eleven then people on pass line win money while the ‘don’ts’ lose money. If the shooter rolls 2, 3, or even 12 the process is called craps and people on the pass line bets lose while don’t pass bets win the money. After understanding the basics you can graduate to field bets and can place bets before any roll.