Casino Tropez


Casino Tropez lists its top winners right on the front page, including the games they’ve mastered, what they’ve won, and where they hail from. The site boasts a $10,000,000+ total jackpot as of the time of this writing, and it even offers “roulette academy.” Ever look at the roulette table and think, “This is rocket science; I’ll never figure out how to play this game”?

Well, Casino Tropez will get you familiar with the game so that you can play with the pros.

Currently; the site is worth a signup just to learn something that you can take to the casino with you. But besides these tempting features, what else does Casino Tropez have going for it?

Let’s take a look.

• Bonus Offers and Free Play

With instant web play or download play, you get deposit bonuses of 100 percent and 50 percent on your first deposits of up to $100 and $200 respectively, and then over the next 27 weeks, you get a weekly 100 percent bonus on every $100 deposit each Sunday, totaling $3,000 in deposit bonuses. A 100 percent bonus every week is a good reason to keep playing.

• Tournaments

You can start playing in Casino Tropez tourneys without being a longtime player. In fact, a $20 deposit is all you really need to get started. The tourneys offered include blackjack and slots and make for a great way to just jump right in and start playing.

• VIP/Loyalty

The VIP levels go up from Club to Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally, Premier Club. With each level, you get bigger bonuses and faster withdrawal.

Casino Tropez is one of those sites that aim to be your favorite gaming site. It offers all sorts of games with a deep loyalty program and great customer service. Jump into a tourney with a $20 deposit and see if it’s the right site for you!Bonus