“Chuck your sunnies, win some money!” “Feelin’ lucky? It’s normal ’round these parts!” The front page of Casino-Mate is a little on the tacky side, and that’s actually part of the site’s appeal. The vibe is a little like one of those little off-strip Vegas casinos that may not be very glamorous but where you can have a lot of fun all the same.


• Bonus Offers and Free Play

You can get up to $1,400 in free deposit bonuses. With your first deposit, they match you dollar for dollar (or pound for pound or euro for euro) up to 100 free. On your second, they do 200 percent up to 50 free, then 25 percent up to 500, and 50 percent up to 750 on the third and fourth deposits. Alternately, they offer 3,000 free bets.

• Tournaments

Casino Mate is always running some tournament or other. Check out the multiplayer slot tourneys, freeroll slot tourneys or blackjack tourneys to win big against other players. Casino Mate does not seem to offer any poker tournaments, but if you love slots and blackjack, this is the place. The site does offer baccarat, roulette and so on, but slots and blackjack seem to dominate their tournament offerings.

• VIP/Loyalty

Casino Mate boasts four loyalty tiers: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. With each tier, you earn more and more redeemable points for cash rewards, among other benefits. It’s not the most spectacular loyalty program we’ve seen, but it’s rewarding enough to keep you playing.

Overall, Casino Mate is a fun, fast, straightforward gaming site with hundreds of slot games, electronic poker and blackjack to choose from. Enjoy the $1,400 free play bonuses, and dig in to one of the better slot sites we’ve come across.