All You Need to Know About Street Craps

If you were to make a wild guess about what ‘Street Craps’ is, what would you say? Going by its name, you would probably call it a version of craps that is played on the streets, isn’t it? Well, that’s what it is! You don’t have a table to play it nor is it played in a casino.

streetcrapsBack in the days, people used to get together in the sideways, back-alleys and city streets to play craps. Street craps is however, considered to be illegal in most parts of the world; you can play it to spend some fun time with your friends, but playing it around the streets could get you in trouble.

Street craps vs. traditional craps

Both the versions do have a few differences, apart from their set-up. The first major difference is that there is no Banker in street craps. So it may get a little inconvenient to handle the bets and chips. The lack of a table again makes it difficult to go for complicated bets in street craps.

How to play street craps

The players can decide on a shooter before starting the game. There are primarily two betting options in street craps, namely Pass and Don’t Pass. Before other players place their bets, the shooter will place his/her bets on either of the two betting options available to him/her. Next, every bettor (starting form the player at the shooter’s left) will be asked if he/she is wants a part of the bet or is willing to cover it.

Here-on, the rules are more or less similar to the traditional game of craps. However, as the game is not regulated, there are various variations in it, depending on the group of players and how they like to play their version of street craps.